A place to GATHER. 

We are a community of musicians, artists and students of all ages who believe that the arts are best enjoyed when experienced together. Our one-time workshops, recurring group classes, and unique performance opportunities bring music and art to life in ways that surpass what can be done through personal study alone. 


A place to GROW.

Our teachers embrace traditional instruction methods while offering a fresh and well-rounded approach that connects with each individual’s specific interests. We not only offer a place to experience the arts, but to grow, improve, learn, discover, strengthen, and refine the artist.

A place to CREATE.

Expression is the highest form of the arts, and Roselle Fine Arts Academy has the most frequent, varied, and creative performance and showcase opportunities available. Whether rocking out with the band, exhibiting personal collections, composing music, or attending a paint and pour class with friends, we have something for everyone!